Frequent Questions

Surprisit is synonymous with adventure, surprise, excitement and mystery. A perfect combination to enjoy your trips through an unprecedented experience to date. You choose your companions, the travel dates, the departure city, and we take care of the rest! You will discover your destination 2 days before the flight/car trip or getaway. You will also have 'extra' options to discard destinations or choose the time slot of the flights. Welcome to the Surprisit world!

Safety is the top priority for our users. For this reason, customers who have made a reservation with us and their surprise destination is one affected by Covid-19 in the times of their trip, (or where the Government doesn’t recommend traveling to) are being offered the possibility of postponing their trip.

We are constantly monitoring the epidemic in order to obtain more valuable information so that we can always proceed in accordance with the objective of safeguarding the safety and health of our users and workers.

We offer multiple travel experiences so you can choose the one you like best. All of them include: direct roundtrip flights & accommodation (our accommodations have all over 8 over 10 score in Booking and Tripadvisor). You will receive all the travel information through your e-mail 2 days before the departure flight, thus maintaining the intrigue until the last moment.

Surprise Getaways include hotel accommodation in a destination located at less than 3 hours distance by car from your city of residence. We offer different themed getaways for all tastes and moments: Romantic, Relax, Beach and Luxury. You will receive all the travel information through your e-mail 2 days before the departure day, thus maintaining the intrigue until the last moment.

At Surprisit we do not apply any extra charges under any circumstances. The amount indicated when making your reservation covers all the expenses mentioned in your reservation.

Of course, when you book your surprise trip with us, your outbound and return flight is included, with direct non-stop flights. There can only be stopovers in 'Eurotrip Surprise' package.

Well, we hope that's not the case! We know that every city has a lot to offer. We celebrate open-mindedness, and encourage you to do the same. It's not where, but with whom!

We give you the option to customize your flight schedule by customizing your Surprise Trip.

The hotel is SURPRISE until 2 days before the trip, as the flights. All the hotels that we offer as possible accommodations are 3 or 4 star hotels, in the city center or as close to it as possible, always well connected with public transport. The room is private, of course. The hotel is rated 8 or more out of 10 on, and / or 4 out of 5 on